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In 2017, NHS Bromley CCG commenced a co-production programme to improve emotional wellbeing services for children and young people in Bromley. This followed the publication of outcomes gathered by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). The CCG had commissioned NEF to test out this approach in Bromley to get a better understanding of the needs of young people and the appetite of local organisations to commit to delivering services that would meet these needs. 

The focus of the programme is on the emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people. However, the learning from this process will also be integrated into other programmes of work and the engagement we do with local people in Bromley.

You can read more about this programme below:

What is Co-Production?

Co-Production is an approach that ensures both people delivering and planning services and those using them are equal partners in the design, delivery and review of servicesIt recognises that all parties have vital contributions to make to improve the quality of life for people and communities. 

What the co-production programme plans to do

The programme aims to come up with a model of service delivery for emotional and mental wellbeing for children and young people that will meet their needs and which is designed and produced by young people, citizens and statutory organisations.   We already know from the NEF report that young people want more focus on support and early intervention in order to reduce the risk of them going into crisis and needing more intensive support.

The programme will have two forums; one (monthly) specifically for young people where they will be further informed of the current climate in terms of wellbeing and services available in Bromley, as well as commissioning and how the NHS is funded. The second core forum will take place bi-monthly and will include the young people, professionals and citizens. This group will work to create wellbeing outcomes which will essentially be used to measure the Co-Production process and programme.

The first stage of the programme, which commenced in October 2017, has involved talking to a wide range of young people about their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This has included going into schools, running focus groups and workshops and asking for views through a survey.  The outcomes of all this insight is being used to inform the next stages of the programme.  

In January we held a successful stakeholder event with a wide range of participants to share the work done so far and to get a commitment from them to keep involved.   You can read the report on this event here. This was followed by three community events with local people held in February.  You can read the report on these events here.

To find out more about the programme or get involved in the forums, please email  

Read the first edition of the Co-Production Bulletin.

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