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Involving people in improving Bromley health services

Consultations are a vital way of getting involved and influencing decisions in Bromley CCG. Patient feedback helps us with planning and buying NHS services that meet the diverse needs of local people. It is important to us that local people influence local health services and the plans of our clinical commissioning group.

Patient involvement through consultations could be on both local and national levels. We are committed to ensuring our consultations are transparent and easy to understand and that they consider the views of Bromley people.

Occasionally, we will need to formally consult about proposals. This is usually when there is a proposal to make major changes to health services, develop new ones or create new strategies or policies for health services in Bromley.   When we do formally consult we ensure we meet our statutory and legal duties by following the 'Gunning' principles.   These are:

  • Ensure that the consultation is undertaken at a time when the proposal is still at a formative stage.
  • The consultation must include sufficient reasons for a particular proposal to allow those consulted to give intelligence consideration and intelligent responses.
  • Adequate time must be given for this purpose.
  • The product of consultation must be conscientiously taken into account when the ultimate decision is taken.

Giving regular feedback

Local authority overview and scrutiny

The Bromley Overview and Scrutiny Committee has a role in reviewing and scrutinising matters relating to the planning, provision and operation of health services in their local area.   The CCG consults with the Committee when considering any proposal for a substantial development or a variation of the health service in the area.  As part of the process, the local authority will invite comment from interested parties and take into account relevant information available, including that from Healthwatch.  This process enhances public involvement in the commissioning process.

We aim to involve everyone living in Bromley, including patients, carers, and members of residential and community groups. You too can play an important role in helping up plan and deliver local services:

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