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Our engagement with patients, the public, stakeholders and other partners is vital to our work.  As well as working directly with the public and patient representatives, we also work with our local partners such as Healthwatch and Community Links Bromley to reach communities that are often harder to reach. We always provide feedback to those who have engaged with us and shared their views.  We do this in a number of ways:

  • Feedback reports which record the purpose of the engagement, the discussion and outcomes.  These are shared with all those involved and published on our website.
  • Specific 'you said, we did' reports on particular service areas.
  • Meetings to bring people together to feedback on how we have used their views.
  • Face to face with those who shared their views - for example visiting schools to let them know how the feedback of students has made a difference to our plans for children's emotional wellbeing services.
  • Phone calls to people who have been involved.
  • In our annual Engagement Report.
  • Emails to people who have been involved.
  • At our Annual General Meeting
  • At our Patient Conference which is held twice a year.
  • At our annual Patient Advisory Group thank you event.
  • Through our stakeholder bulletin using a 'you said, we did' format.  This is published every season.

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Below you can read reports on our engagement activity.  These are separated out by the year they were undertaken.   They provide information and evidence of how we have engaged with local people and used their feedback to directly influence our decision making process.



One Bromley Fibromyalgia pathway redesign

As part of the One Bromley outpatient transformation programme, work is taking place to redesign the fibromyalgia pathway to improve care for people with this condition.  A survey and workshop took place to gather views and test and shape the proposed improvements.

One Bromley Patient Conference Report

In September, we held a patient conference to inform the development of One Bromley programmes including social prescribing and signposting in primary care and improvements to outpatient services. There was also an opportunity to ask local leaders about health services in Bromley.   

Bromley CCG Patient Advisory Group members tour newly commissioned cardiac rehabilitation and exercise referral service

In the summer of 2019, we re-procured a new contract with Mytime Active to continue providing cardiac rehabilitation and exercise referral programmes in Bromley.  Members of the Bromley Heart Support Group shared their views and some of our Patient Advisory Group members were part of the decision making panel on whom to award the contract to.

The contract commenced in September 2019, so we organised a tour of the facilities at Beckenham Spa so that residents who gave up their time and shared their expertise could see the service in operation. 

Bromley Community Ultrasound Service

Bromley CCG commissioned a new Specialist Community Transvaginal Ultrasound Service (TVS) to start in September 2019. Previously the service had only been available in hospital. The new service would be provided from accessibly community locations.

Delivering the Long Term Plan in South East London - Patient and public workshop

Questions and answers are available from the patient and public workshop held  at Beckenham Beacon

OHSEL events held in south east London

OHSEL ran a series of twelve public engagements events across south east London focusing on both borough-wide discussions and specific topics that are important to the future of the NHS.

Help us to improve daytime hospital appointments in South East London

The workshop focused on improving daytime hospital appointments and explored ideas such as virtual outpatient appointments.

OHSEL – Long Term Plan event held in Bromley in August

The even focused on how the Long Term Plan would affect both the community and wider public sector.

Bromley Annual Engagement Plan 2019

The activity and outcomes set out in this report are testament to the commitment and dedication of local residents and community and voluntary groups who work with us to influence the way we plan, deliver and monitor services in Bromley.

Outpatient services in Bromley 

We are planning a transformation of outpatient services in Bromley.  We tested the principles of these plans with the public.

Cardiac rehabilitation (Heartsmart) procurement

The Heartsmart (cardiac rehabilitation) exercise programme, is approaching the end of the contract period. The CCG wanted to find out the experiences of current, recent or past participants of the programme to ensure that any future service meets the needs of people attending.  

Exercise referral (Freshstart) procurement

The Freshstart (exercise referral) programme, is approaching the end of the contract period. The CCG wanted to find out the experiences of current, recent or past participants of the programme to ensure that any future service meets the needs of people attending. 

Patient Conference

The CCG held a half day event for Patient Advisory Group members and Chairs and Vice Chairs of practice based patient participation groups in January 2019.  Almost 60 people attended.  We used the event as an opportunity to feedback to attendees how their involvement had made a difference to people in Bromley, test our engagement approaches with them and gather views on two of our strategic programmes of work – primary care and integrated care services.  


Phlebotomy procurement 

The CCG is considering procuring a consolidated community based phlebotomy (blood taking) service for Bromley. This workshop was set up, alongside a survey, to gather views from our Patient Advisory Group about what is important for patients when using a phlebotomy service. As a result of this session, we have identified some 'must haves' for the service.  

Commissioning intentions

Bromley CCG uses feedback from patients to inform the priorities it will focus on to improve health in Bromley. This intelligence, together with a range of other factors is also used when developing commissioning intentions. Commissioning intentions are used by the CCG to inform contracts with local providers such as King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Bromley Healthcare.

Communications and Public Engagement Activity Report - November 2018

This report provides an update on the work done to meet our patient and public participation statutory duties for the period 1 April to 31 October 2018.

Primary Care Needs in Bromley

As part of a primary care needs assessment, which aimed to understand and describe both the need for primary care and the needs of those delivering the services, patients shared their experiences of using services.  This covered, appointments, continuity of care, new ways of working, prevention of ill health and knowledge of GPs.

Read the full report.  There is also an appendix covering some of the groups that were reached.  

Phlebotomy changes in Bromley

The walk in phlebotomy service at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) has been re-provided in community based clinics.  The PRUH clinic had to move as the space was needed to support improved discharge arrangements for patients at the hospital.  To assess the impact of this change, the CCG asked patients for their views.  See the report on the outcomes of this engagement

From the engagement we learnt that it was important to have a service near the PRUH but also to have more phlebotomy services for people in other parts of the boroughs.  In response to this, the CCG set up a new five day a week phlebotomy clinic at Summercroft Surgery in Farnborough and extended clinics at Dysart Surgery to five days a week as well.  The survey outcomes will also be used to inform the procurement of a consolidated community based phlebotomy service for Bromley in 2018/19. 

Community Health Services Procurement

A you said, we did report responding to the feedback gathered to inform the re-procurement of community health  services in Bromley.

Primary Care Provider for Care Home Residents

Bromley CCG is seeking to commission a new GP service in Bromley that will provide general practice care for all care home residents. This follows positive engagement with GPs in Bromley. Patient residents in nursing homes, residential care homes and Extra Care Housing will have the opportunity to register with this new GP service. This enhanced service will use a multi-disciplinary approach to proactive care, integrated case management, prescribing and urgent care during core hours.

Children and Young People - Engagement on the use of and awareness of health and social care services in Bromley - Outcomes report 2018

Following a mock CQC inspection into our Safeguarding services for children and young people, a number of recommendations were made.  These included the importance of ensuring young people, especially those who do not have a voice, are supported to share their views both about local services and their own direct care.   We engaged with over 300 young people to get their views on their understanding of local services, what was available to them, and what they understood about safeguarding.  We particularly focused on reaching young carers.  We gathered views from older children through an online survey and through face to face engagement with younger children in schools and children's centres.  this outreach approach enabled us to hear from a broad reach of young people including from the traveller community.   Improvements are being put in place based on the outcomes of this engagement.  We have also worked with a young people's youth forum to design posters to help promote local services to other young people.  These have been used in our winter health campaign and published in the local newspaper.

65+ Strategy - Workshop report

To inform a joint strategy for Ageing Well in Bromley, we set up a workshop with Patient Advisory Group members to gather views on the content of the strategy and our approach to engaging with the target audience.   These views were then used to inform an engagement exercise during July and August 2018.    The aim of the Ageing Well Strategy is to consider the needs of the future population of Bromley and the type of support that will need to be in place to enable people to live as independently as possible. 

Future priorities workshop

In February 2018, the CCG held a patient/public workshop to gather views on our future priorities to help inform our Operating Plan. The workshop was used to discuss the following priority areas: 

  • Integrated urgent care
  • Transformation of outpatient services
  • Mental health, particularly child and adolescent services
  • Care homes and end of life care

The outcomes of the workshop discussion have been used to feed into the programmes of work.

Our Healthier south east London

The south east London Sustainability and Transformation Partnership publish regular partnership updates that explain how the public are influencing influenced the The latest Partnership Report has been published for January and February 2018. This report explains how the public have influenced the case for change that contributed to the development of our five year Sustainability and Transformation Plan. Previous Partnership Reports can be found in the OHSEL news section, and 'You said, we did' reports can be found in the 'Using your feedback section.'  

Primary Care Access Hubs  

A report on outcomes of a workshop reviewing the extended GP services in Bromley. 


Our Annual engagement report for 2017/18 has been published.  It includes reports on our co-production of children’s emotional wellbeing,  primary care improvements, priority setting, improvements to information for children with special educational needs. The CCG received Green Star (outstanding) status from the 2017/18 NHS England assurance process on our patient engagement duties.

Developing primary care - In July 2017 we held an event for patients to share information on developments in primary care services in Bromley, provide feedback on how the views of patients has been used in the development of these services and ask for views on the Bromley Primary Care Needs Assessment. 

Diabetes services – We commissioned Healthwatch Bromley to support focus groups and run a survey on the experiences of people with diabetes.  Outcomes were used to inform our reprocurement of these services.    

Bromley Health and Wellbeing Centre – We are developing plans for a new health and wellbeing centre in Bromley.  Patient representatives are involved in considering the sites for the new building and the requirements for what needs to be included. 

Over the counter prescribing proposals – We engaged the public on our plans to no longer support the routine prescribing of over the counter medicines.  

Anticoagulation services - were reviewed and patients influenced the new service specification and were part of the procurement panel  

Sustainability and Transformation public events were held in the summer of 2017 in all the boroughs in south east London.   This report provides a summary of the feedback and actions that will be taken forward.


Annual engagement report 2016/17 - This report provides a comprehensive report on our duty to engage activities undertaken in 2016 - 2017. 

Improving GP services in Bromley - In December 2016, we held a workshop for Bromley residents to gather their views on our plans for transforming GP services in Bromley.  

Extended access to primary care services – We asked for views from people using the extended primary care hubs to help inform the development of a permanent service.

Eye care services  – Almost 600 people provided views for our redesign of eye care services in Bromley. Their involvement has directly impacted on the way these services are now provided in Bromley. 

Co-production of emotional and mental wellbeing services for children and young people – We commissioned the New Economics Foundation to work with us, young people and local providers to co-design these services for the future. We wanted to identify and understand the emotional well-being and mental health needs and priorities of children and young people in Bromley. Over three months there were conversations with over 100 children and young people and 60 practitioners.  

Commissioning Intentions for 2016/18 - We used a survey and public events to gather views from the public on our commissioning intentions for the next two years. 

Community health services procurement – Children and young people and Adult & Rapid Response service. We undertook an extensive engagement exercise to inform the procurement of our community health services. Click the following links to read the reports produced by Healthwatch Bromley  and Member Engagement Services to support this work.

The Heart Support Group - was set up following feedback from our patients. It supports those with a heart condition.  Regular meetings are held and the group has got accreditation from the British Heart Foundation. 


Annual engagement report 2015/16 - This report provides a comprehensive report on our duty to engage activities undertaken in 2015 - 2016. It includes information about the engagement we have done on a range of areas including mental health, audiology, specialist community neurology services, speech and language therapy, carer support services, cardiology, podiatry and maternity services.

Phlebotomy - We asked the public for their views on phlebotomy services to help inform a review of the service. Click here to view the service report. As a result, additional clinics providing booked appointments have been set up. Patient feedback on this service has been very good. In 2017 options are being explored for booked appointments.

Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre – Patients have been involved in the development of plans for this new centre which will open to the public in the next couple of years.  They  have influenced the design and layout of the building. 

Developing Integrated Care Networks - We held patient workshops and focus groups to help inform the development of our integrated care network model of care. 

Mental Health Services – We asked for feedback on the psychological therapies service and mental health employment services.  The outcomes of this engagement led to improvements in the current service at that time and the commissioning of the Bromley Recovery Works service.

Our Healthier south east London – We held public deliberative events to review and inform the OHSEL case for change.  Over 80 people attended the Bromley event.  Feedback from these events was used to develop the OHSEL Strategy – later the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for south east London. 

Planned orthopaedic elective care - we asked local people for their views on proposals for a two site option for planned orthopaedic elective care in south east London.  We commissioned Healthwatch Bromley to speak to groups who are seldom heard. 

Whose Shoes for maternity care - We commissioned a whose shoes event on maternity care which was run by our Maternity Voices Partnership.   This has led to improvements in maternity care in Bromley and has informed a work plan for our Maternity Voices Partnership.

Audiology - We worked with patient representatives and Bromley Deaf Access group to inform the service redesign of community audiology services. Their involvement lead to an improved service.  


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