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On this page we will be posting some of the most frequently asked questions about the community health services procurement. If you have any other questions, please do contact or call 01689 866535


Q:  Why is the CCG going out to procure community services?

A:  The contract with the current provider of community services, Bromley Healthcare, is ending in September 2017.  We are required to go through a procurement process for these services.  As a public healthcare body, the CCG is subject to the EU Procurement Directive and we need to ensure healthcare services in Bromley are procured though a fair, equitable and transparent process. It is also a great opportunity to review what community health services are required in Bromley and how they need to be delivered in order to meet current and changing health needs, providing integrated, co-ordinated and personalised care for patients.

 Q:  What are the benefits for patients?

A:  The interests of our patients are and will remain fundamental to our decision-making regarding the commissioning of health services. Our aim through this procurement is to improve the quality, accessibility and value for money of community services available to Bromley patients through a process of service review, best practice procurement and robust contracting, including innovative ways of working

 Q:  What community services are currently commissioned by NHS Bromley CCG?

A:  The list of community services commissioned from Bromley Healthcare includes children services, adult community based clinics, medical response team and step-down rehabilitaton. The full list can be found below. 

Community Service                                                    Children community dietetic service

Children community physiotherapy                            Children occupational therapy

Children speech and language therapy                      Community paediatric liaison nurse

Community paediatrics                                               Paediatric audiology

Safeguarding children service                                    Integrated Children’s Nursing Team

Respite care for children                                            Looked After Children

Continuing Care Packages for Children                     District nursing

Community matrons                                                   Falls

Home oxygen assessment therapy                            Adult dietetic service

Adult physiotherapy                                                    Adult occupational therapy

Adult speech and language therapy                           Diabetes

COPD                                                                         Podiatry

Bladder and bowel service                                         Leg Ulcer

Vasectomy service                                                     Wheelchairs, special seating

Information Technology                                              Medical Response Team (GP out of hours)

Rehabilitation Services

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