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Involving patients and the public is a natural part of the way we work in Bromley. Our organisation is committed to putting patients and carers at the centre of all that we do and involve them in all the different stages of our business; from planning, designing, procuring and monitoring through to delivering new and improved services. We have a vision for our public engagement and a set of principles for how we work with local people.  

We have an Engagement Strategy and Plan for 2017-18 which sets out our approach, commitment and our engagement priorities over the next year.  You can read about the outcomes of our engagement in our annual engagement plans, our programme reports and our six monthly progress reports to our Governing Body.

Involving you and your family makes complete sense to us because it enables us to understand what works and what doesn’t work in our local services. Knowing what you think about our health services in Bromley is also vital to helping us improve patient experience in the future.

This section of our website provides lots of information about how to get involved. This includes current involvement opportunities, how to join our patient advisory group and how to share your experiences of the care you have received.  You can also find out what people who have got involved in our work have to say about it.

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