How to get involved

There are many ways in which you can get involved in our work. This can range from answering surveys, giving your views on consultations, joining focus groups and workshops and attending our meetings.   We want to ensure that anyone who is interested can get involved in some way.  

Join our Patient Advisory Group

If you live, learn or work in Bromley, you can join our patient advisory group (PAG). Our members are usually our first port of call when we have opportunities to get involved and they have helped shape numerous services for the benefit of the wider community in the borough.   Members have helped to influence service redesigns, procurement of new services and shared their experiences of using local services.  We promote how to  join the PAG in a number of ways including through advertising in the local paper, on leaflets distributed at events and on social media.

Answer surveys

We often publish surveys about local services and the work we are doing. We make these available on our website and publish them through local networks, the newspaper, social media and at events. There are often national surveys as well about the development of NHS services.     

Join your practice participation group

GP practices have patient participation groups (PPGs) to provide an opportunity for patients to get more involved in their local practice and influence the way services are provided.   Speak to your practice to find out how to join.  The CCG has been helping local PPGs by providing a toolkit and supporting PPG network meetings.

Come along to one of our meetings held in public

Both our Governing Body and Primary Care Commissioning Committee are meetings held in public.  You can submit questions in advance about anything on the agenda which will then be answered at the meeting.   Questions about other items of business can be sent in and we publish responses on our website.

Get involved in your local Healthwatch

We work closely with Healthwatch Bromley which enables us to seek the wider views of people including those who are seldom heard. 

Bromley Maternity Voices

We commission Bromley Maternity Voices which is chaired by a patient representative. The group works closely with us, local providers and other partners to proactively inform and shape local maternity services.  If you have had a baby in the last five years you may wish to join and have your say.

You can find out more about how we work with Bromley Maternity Voices by visiting the maternity section of our website.

Share your experiences of local services

By sharing your experiences of what has worked well and what has not, we can review these and put in place any improvements that might be needed.   All local providers of health services in Bromley ask patients to share their experiences.  These are then reported back to the CCG to help us monitor satisfaction and quality.

We can provide materials in other languages, easy read and arrange for an interpreter or signer to be available at meetings to support everyone to participate. 

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