Integrated Care Networks

Integrated care is about putting in place a joined up service which is shaped around individual patients and their personal needs.

In Bromley we believe integrated care will make a huge difference to our patients, especially those who have more complex health needs and long term conditions. It will change the way they receive care and how this is arranged for them.  

It will be delivered by a team of people who will work together to design the right package of care for each individual patient to meet their needs and deliver the best possible outcomes. Health and care professionals will be  supported to work better together to provide pro-active and preventative care that will help local people to take better control of their own health and wellbeing.   Patients won’t have to tell lots of people their story – everyone involved in their care will know what is happening with them.

All Bromley health providers, including the voluntary sector have formally agreed to work closely together to deliver integrated care in Bromley. They will do this by delivering care through one of three Integrated Care Networks.

The NHS Five Year Forward view sets out a clear direction for the NHS to develop new models of care to provide more integrated services.   To make this happen, barriers between hospital, community and primary care will need to be removed so the focus is on patients and systems of care rather than individual organisations.  We are absolutely committed to providing the best possible care to our local population and believe this approach will enable us to do this.

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