Cash boost for Bromley children’s mental health

Date: 15 January 2019

Young people in Bromley are set to benefit from a £2.4m cash boost to help their mental health.  

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group worked with partners in Bromley to successfully bid for this additional funding.  The CCG was pre-selected to bid as Bromley mental health services are exceeding certain national mental health targets.  NHS England was particularly impressed by the high standard of the bid and the ongoing plans to transform and improve outcomes for CYP with mental health needs in Bromley.

The funding will be used to established new Mental Health Support Teams to develop models of early intervention on mild to moderate mental health issues as well as providing help to staff within a school and college setting.  The teams will act as a link with local children and young people’s mental health services and be supervised by NHS staff.   In Bromley we will also be trialling a four week waiting time for access to specialist NHS children and young people’s mental health services.  More information is available on the NHS England website at

Dr Angela Bhan, Managing Director of NHS Bromley CCG said, “This is excellent news for our young people.  This additional funding will pay for two new mental health support teams both of which will include a senior mental health lead and a team of up to eight staff working in a number of Bromley schools to provide support and deliver interventions and workshops.  

“In Bromley, we continue to work closely with young people and families to better understand what they need to support their emotional and mental wellbeing.   Almost 2,000 young people, including some as young as seven, shared their views with us on how we can develop mental health services to better meet their needs.   An overwhelming number of young people told us that getting the right support early enough is critical.  Providing this extra support in schools will help young people build up their resilience and enable them to cope better as they grow older”.

Dr Bhumika Mittal, Bromley GP and the CCG clinical lead for CYP said, “The numbers of young people who are struggling with their mental health across the country is unprecedented.  The way we live and interact with each other in modern society can be very detrimental to the wellbeing of our young people.  We need to remove the stigma of mental ill-health and provide our young people with the right support at the right time and in the right place.  This additional funding will make a huge difference to what we are already providing in Bromley and will enhance our existing mental health services for CYP by promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention. 

“This new provision will be integrated into a new CYP emotional well-being and mental health system which is being co-designed and co-produced with our young people.  Many of them have told us they want better support in schools and to speak to professionals who will provide them with the support they need and be accessible.  We will continue to work closely with our children, young people and partners to ensure the system meets their needs”.  

Children and young people’s mental health is a priority for the Government.   The publication of the Five year Forward View for Mental Health and subsequent publication of the Green Paper in December 2017, sets out the ambition that children and young people who need help for their mental health are able to get it when they need it.   Schools and colleges can, and do, play a vital role in building resilience and mentally healthy communities and in identifying mental health needs at an early stage.  They also play a key role in referring some children and young people to specialist support and working with others to support those experiencing problems.

  • Summary:

    Young people in Bromley are set to benefit from a £2.4m cash boost to help their mental health

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