Diabetic Foot First

Date: 21 July 2016

Doctors in Bromley are urging people with diabetes to take extra care of their feet. This is especially important as diabetes increases the risk of foot problems. This is one of the reasons that NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group is launching its Diabetic Foot First campaign in July. The aim of the campaign is to help people with diabetes take better care of their feet, have the right information to prevent serious foot problems and know when, where and how to get help for their feet.

Throughout July, people with diabetes will be able to pick up information on keeping their feet healthy from their local pharmacist or GP surgery. The ‘10 steps towards healthy feet’ information pack provides lots of useful advice, including a reminder to attend for an annual foot review. You can see all the steps here or search for the free guide on the Diabetes UK website at

Dr Andrew Parson, Local GP and Clinical Chair at the CCG said, “It is critical that people with diabetes take good care of their feet. We are working closely with Diabetes UK, Bromley pharmacy representatives, and Bromley Healthcare to get the message across that this can be a serious complication of diabetes and it is important to keep your feet healthy”.

As well as raising awareness of the need for diabetic foot care, Diabetic Foot First aims to promote diabetic foot services and draw attention to the range of resources available so that people with a diabetic foot problem know when, where and how to seek help.

Findings from the National Diabetes Audit, commissioned by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), show the rate of minor amputations (such as having a toe or foot removed) for Bromley residents is higher than the national average, and higher than in neighbouring boroughs. People with diabetes are at much greater risk of amputation, and most minor amputations are preventable.

The number of Bromley residents with diabetes is increasing each year. In 2012/13 13,681 people had a diagnosis of diabetes, 5.17% of the borough’s population. In 2014/15 that figure had increased by 812 to 14,493 people, 5.40% of the borough’s population.

Roz Rosenblatt, Diabetes UK Head for London, said: “We are concerned at the number of people in Bromley who are undergoing an amputation because of diabetes complications. The amputation figures for Bromley are higher than other comparable London boroughs and so we welcome the campaign by Bromley CCG to try and address this problem.

“We want to make sure that people with diabetes check their feet every day and understand that complications can quickly become serious if left untreated. We want people to know what to look out for and know when to seek help.

“We look forward to working closely with the CCG to help people with diabetes in Bromley manage their condition.”

  • Summary:

    Doctors in Bromley are urging people with diabetes to take extra care of their feet.

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