Healthy Living Week

Date: 15 September 2016

Bromley CCG is taking part in the first ever Healthy Living Week from 26 to 30 September in collaboration with Healthy London Partnership. 

The week, developed by Healthy London Partnership, aims to help improve NHS employees’ workplace health and wellbeing, by encouraging them to take time out from their busy day to care for their health and wellbeing.

Paulette Coogan, Director of Organisational Development said: “Healthy Living Week is a great opportunity to change how we think and act about health in the workplace and make sure that our employees feel supported.  

“By taking part we’ve joined a growing movement of more than 40 NHS employers across London who believe that looking after the health and wellbeing of our employees makes business sense.”

“Our employees are and always have been our greatest asset, and this is why we believe it is important to support them to look after their health and wellbeing.”

“Here at Bromley CCG, we have encouraged a walking habit with the introduction of our waking challenge, as well as trying to use the stairs where possible instead of the lift. We have reminded staff to take regular breaks away from their computer screen, and to enjoy healthy lunches in the local parks. We are also pleased to see that some staff members have taken to running or playing tennis during their lunch break.”

“Our Task Force Group meet bimonthly to discuss staff initiatives ranging from our up and coming McMillan coffee morning, to escalating requests which may help staff in their day-to-day working lives.”

Please click here if you would like to join us and show your support and commitment to a healthier NHS or like more information about Healthy Living Week visit.

  • Summary:

    Bromley CCG is taking part in the first ever Healthy Living Week

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