Praise for the 'life-changing' Bromley community blood service

Date: 17 September 2014

Time: 01:00

Patients have spoken of their delight with a community Bromley blood service, describing it as 'fantastic' and 'life-changing'.

Introduced over a year ago, the service has been transformed, with simpler testing, easier accessibility and greater comfort and overall experience for patients.

In 2012,NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) re-designed low level blood services in Bromley and awarded the contract to Boots Pharmacy.

Ever since, patients who take Warfarin and require regular testing, have been able to access a fast, modern service conveniently from a number of high street Boots stores across the borough. 

Lynn Wheeler, 75 from Bromley, suffered heart failure during a routine operation and now regularly takes Warfarin to thin her blood and reduce the risk of blood clots. She says that giving blood samples used to be an arduous and sometimes painful experience , frequently requiring a lengthy wait followed by days of uncomfortable bruising, but she has been 'bowled over' by the impact of the new service.

"Giving a blood sample only takes 10 minutes now," Lynn says, ". They draw blood with a simple pin prick in the pads of my fingers so it's not painful and I no longer suffer with bruises. It's fantastic and has made such a difference to me."

Another patient, Doris Parry, described the service as life-changing.

Doris has lived in Bromley for 32 years and suffers from atrial fibrillation, a common disorder which causes an irregular heartbeat. She takes warfarin weekly to manage her blood flow, which she receives at one of Boots' clinics in Bromley. 

Doris says: "It's fantastic and they are so good. It has been life changing really. Best of all there are hardly any waiting times."

Dr Mark Essop, Bromley GP and clinical lead for the service said: "We selected Boots as they met our high standards so we were confident they would deliver an excellent service.  The community service means that the hospital service can now focus on helping patients who have more complicated needs.

"Positive patient experience is one of our priorities is so it's great to get feedback like this. We are really pleased with the service and will continue to work with Boots to ensure our patients get high quality healthcare that works for them."



In 2012 Bromley CCG carried out a competitive tendering process for anticoagulation services in Bromley. The panel included healthcare professionals as well as a lay member who carried out an independent assessment of the service, before awarding the contract to Boots.

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    Patients have spoken of their delight with a community Bromley blood service, describing it as 'fantastic' and 'life-changing'.

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