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Protect me, protect you... health and care staff get their flu jab this winter

Date: 25 November 2019

Staff working across Bromley health, social care and voluntary sector services are lining up to get their flu jab this winter to protect themselves and patients.   The more staff that are vaccinated, the less risk there is of passing the flu onto patients. 

The flu is dreadful even for healthy people, and can knock you for six for several weeks. However, for some it can be deadly.  Last year three Bromley children died from the flu and we know, for example, that those with heart disease are 11 times more likely to die from the flu and those with liver disease 50 times more likely. That’s why local health and care services are once again encouraging those in the ‘at risk’ groups to get protected. 

Dr Jon Doyle, Bromley GP said, “Flu is a highly infectious disease with symptoms that come on very quickly.  It is not the same as a cold.  It is caused by a different group of viruses and the symptoms start more suddenly, are more severe and last longer.  If you are in one of the at risk groups then your flu jab is free.  Make an appointment with your GP or visit your local pharmacy as soon as possible.“ 

Dr Ruchira Paranjape, Bromley GP added, “We are having a huge push on making sure staff across Bromley health and care services are able to easily have the vaccine to not only protect them, but also the patients that they come into contact with during their day to day work.   I’ve had mine so I can help to protect my patients and their families when they come to my practice”. 

Debbie Hutchinson, Director of Nursing at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley said, “If we protect ourselves from the flu, there is less risk of it being passed onto our patients, many of whom are incredibly vulnerable”. 

Professor Clive Kay, Chief Executive at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is setting a great example to staff working in the hospitals by having his jab.  He said, “By getting the flu jab we are all doing our bit to protect our patients”. 

Matthew Trainer, Chief Executive at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental health services in Bromley added how important getting protected is, “please make sure you get your flu jab, it protects you and the ones you care for”. 

Janet Ettridge, Director of Operations and Safer Care at Bromley Healthcare which provides community health services in Bromley had her jab to “protect patients who are susceptible and at risk of getting the flu”. 

Esther Dias is the Health Protection Lead at Bromley Council.  She got her flu jab to help protect her family, the patients with whom she comes into contact and the toddlers and young children she interacts with at her church.  Esther said, “Flu can be a serious disease and the reason we have a flu vaccine every year is that our immune protection from vaccination declines over time and we also need to keep up with the evolving changes of the virus.  A vaccination every year is needed to be protected against the flu.” 

If you want to know more about the flu vaccination and how to get it then visit  or speak to your GP or pharmacist.   Some older people are also entitled to a vaccine to protect them against shingles and pneumonia.   Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group has produced a winter health leaflet which is being posted to homes across the borough which provides more information.

  • Summary:

    Staff working across Bromley health, social care and voluntary sector services are lining up to get their flu jab this winter to protect themselves and patients

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