Primary Care Networks in Bromley

In early 2019 following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, a number of reforms to the GP contract were announced including a mandate to develop Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across all local areas.

Primary Care Networks are defined as groups of GP practices covering a population of 30,000–50,000 patients that are geographically contiguous and provide whole population healthcare to ‘natural’ communities. Led by a Clinical Director/s selected from within the Primary Care Network member practices, the role of the PCN is intended to:

a) deliver integrated working with community, mental health and other health and social care providers, who will also be operating across the same geographical footprint
b) offer extended access at scale, including GP, nurse and online consultations
c) deliver the seven Long Term Plan service specifications (medication reviews; care homes; CVD; proactive care; personalised care; early cancer; and tackling inequalities)
d) host a number of additional new roles in general practice (clinical pharmacists, physiotherapists, physicians associates, social prescribers and paramedics)
e) deliver other projects as determined by the Primary Care Network to improve their resilience and quality of care for patients

Primary Care Networks will receive new investment directly of approximately £1.1m across Bromley plus subsidies for leadership and the new roles.

As a bottom up approach, general practices have agreed their own configurations based on their geographies, priorities and relationships. All 45 GP practice across 48 sites in Bromley have been included within the Primary Care Networks, achieving 100% population coverage.

In Bromley, we now have eight Primary Care Networks which were approved by NHS England ahead of the ‘go live’ date of 1st July 2019. The eight PCNs and their Clinical Directors, all of whom are GPs, are:

1. The Crays Collaborative: Dr. Bushra Yousuf and Dr. Ella Winstanley
2. Penge: Dr. Alka Sharma
3. Orpington: Dr Mandy Selby and Dr Prema Ravi
4. Beckenham: Dr. Peter Kerr and Dr. Thuwaraga Logeswaran
5. HayesWick: Dr. Jonathan Anthonypillai
6. MDC Network: Dr. Chris Fatoyinbo, Dr. Michael Choong and Dr. Viral Tanna
7. Five Elms: Dr. Taraq Waheed
8. Mid Bromley: Dr. Emma Ryan, Dr. Marc Kay and Dr. Natasha Hoare

A map of the eight Bromley Primary Care Networks together with the numbers and name of the GP practices within each PCN and the patient list size as of 1st April 2019, can be downloaded here.

Further information about Primary Care Networks across South East London can be found here.


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