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Creating quality NHS services in Bromley

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) strives to improve the quality of services delivered by the healthcare providers we work with. The Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention programme, or QIPP, is a tool developed by the Department of Health to drive quality improvement throughout the NHS.

It means we must always be looking for new and better ways of providing NHS healthcare services. We aim to simplify systems and improve how NHS organisations are run. This includes clinical commissioning groups.

Improving services for patients in Bromley

QIPP improvements have been making a difference to NHS patients in Bromley. Some examples of improvements to services are:

  • More patients are benefiting from specialist diabetes services in their GP practice. Patients are getting seen promptly and offered interventions earlier, which helps reduce long-term complications from diabetes. At least 70% of patients using education programmes for their diabetes are referred, which exceeds national performance targets (average of 16% nationally).
  • An integrated community and hospital-based cardiology service is providing swift access to diagnostics, treatment and care in appropriate settings. A Patient Cardiac Support Group has also been established.
  • Several care pathways, including gynaecology and dermatology, have been improved to enable patients to be seen quickly so that treatment can start as soon as possible.
  • We’ve used risk stratification and case management techniques to reshape services to support patients with long-term conditions. We have also invested in more effective services so people can leave hospital sooner and so there are alternatives to hospital admission when clinically appropriate. ​

These improvements are already benefiting patients in Bromley, including shorter waiting times and better services.

Learn more about QIPP and what it means, read ‘The NHS quality, innovation, productivity and prevention challenge: an introduction for clinicians’ on the Department of Health’s archives.

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