Social Communication Difficulties

Speech and Language Difficulties

Over one million children in the UK have some kind of speech language and communication needs. This is known as SLCN for short. Every child is different. Their needs depend on different factors, including:

> Which areas of speech, language and communication they struggle with

> How severely these areas are affected

> What skills and strengths they have

> How they need to use their skills

> Their level of confidence and self-esteem

Some children may have difficulties that can be helped quite easily. Others may have greater needs. Some children will have life-long difficulties that will affect them significantly. Sometimes children develop their skills in the usual way, but at a slower rate. This is often called a ‘delay’ or ‘delayed speech and language development’. Sometimes children may have specific difficulties with speech and language, and this is called 'SLI', which stands for specific language impairment.


Help and Support Locally

If your child is under 5 please contact your GP or your health visitor or Speech and Language Therapist if you have one. Your child's language, social communication and interaction will be assessed and the child may be referred on to the Complex Communication Diagnostic Service if needed.

For children over 5, please contact your GP or SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) at school. An assessment is likely to be made on the child's language, social communication and interaction. The child may be referred on to the Complex Communication Diagnostic Service if needed. 

For more information on the Speech and Language Therapy Service please visit The Bromley My Life Portal. Alternatively you can visit  Bromley Healthcare's service information for advice for parents on using the Bromley Speech and Language Therapy Service.


Additional Information   


Helping your Child's Speech

Speech and Language Therapist video explaining how therapy works and who can benefit.

Talking Point - 'the first stop for information on children’s communication' - a national resource database for children, young people and parents or carers.


Local Service pathways

Bromley Healthcare Children Speech and Language - January 2017

Introduction to SLT parents

Introduction to SLT referrers

Bromley Complex Communication Diagnostic Service  and Parent Info Leaflet

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