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Choosing your GP

It is a patient’s right to choose which GP practice to register at and which doctor or nurse to see there.  GP practices must try to make sure this happens. 

The CCG is committed to a patient’s right to choose which GP practice to register at and which doctor or nurse to see there. GP practices must try to make sure this happens.  Patients should contact the GP practice where they want to register.  More information is available in the CCG’s Choice Policy.

Choice of hospital

If your GP needs to refer you to a consultant-led service for a physical or mental health condition, in most cases you have a legal right to choose which hospital you go to. This includes NHS and many private hospitals that provide services to the NHS. You may also choose to be seen under the care of a named consultant.   Where patients do not express a preference, GP surgeries tend to refer to local hospitals that are near where they live and are part of the local healthcare system, however if you want to be referred somewhere else in the country or if you want your doctor to see if there is another hospital that can see you more quickly, ask your GP.   If your GP thinks there is a clinical reason why you should go to a particular hospital, they will tell you.

You can choose a hospital or service based on whatever matters most to you – this could include waiting times, quality of service, your previous experience, the opinions of other patients, the location or your GP’s recommendation.

Why can I choose where to have my treatment?

People tell the NHS that they want to be more involved in making decisions and choosing their own healthcare.

Most people say it is helpful to be able to choose where and when they access NHS services. Even if you don’t mind where you go, it is important to know that you have a choice.

It may be that you want to go somewhere away from home but closer to your family. Or perhaps you want to start your treatment as quickly as possible. It’s entirely up to you to decide. 

Where can I find information to help me choose?

Information to help you choose is available on the website. This website includes information about the quality of care, waiting times, parking and travel.  Click on the button that says ‘Services Near You’ available at the top of page. You can also search according to the operations and treatments that the hospitals or services offer.

If you have been referred to a hospital or clinic through the NHS e-Referrals service you can choose and book your appointment online or over the telephone. Please click here for further information.

You can also ask your GP about what might be the best choice for you, once you tell them what matters to you most.

Click here to read the leaflet on patient choice. 

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