Your medicines

Your pharmacist provides great advice and support

We work closely with pharmacists in the borough so patients can get support and advice on how to use their medicines at their local pharmacies.

Pharmacists are highly skilled and qualified healthcare professionals who are on hand in the community to answer questions about using your medication, such as what is the right dosage, how and when to take the medicines and side effects that could occur.

Although people don’t always think to talk to their pharmacist about these matters, they are an excellent source of advice. And we know from experience that people are more likely to stick to their medicine routine if they get advice from the right healthcare professional in the first place.

You can make an appointment for a free medicines review at your pharmacy

One of the services available in many of Bromley's pharmacies is a ‘free medicines use review’. This is a private meeting, which takes place in a private area of the pharmacy, where the patient and pharmacist can discuss all the patient’s medicines and their experience of taking them so far.

From this discussion, the pharmacist will be able to make suggestions for changes to prescriptions, and give these suggestions to the patient’s doctor for action.

If you think it’s time to reflect on the medicines you are taking, visit your local pharmacy and ask about using this service.

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