Zero tolerance statement

NHS Bromley CCG is committed to ensuring the patient voice is heard and able to contribute to the development and delivery of high quality health services for all our residents.

There are a number of ways in which the public can share their views including; joining our Patient Advisory Group, by sharing their experiences of using local services and through formal complaints.   We welcome challenge and feedback from patients in order to improve what we do, and seek to respond to their questions promptly and politely.    We are very grateful to the huge numbers of patients who work with us in a constructive and mutually respectful way.   

In line with NHS policy, the CCG has a zero tolerance approach to aggression, abuse, violence, vexatious or anti-social behaviour towards our staff. Staff managing direct relationships with the public (face-to-face, through emails, letters or telephone calls), are offered training and support to handle aggression, abuse, violence or anti-social behaviour from patients, their relatives or members of the public.   

The definition of ‘vexatious’ behaviour is to harass, distress, annoy, tease, cause trouble, agitate, disturb or pursue issues excessively. 

Bromley CCG is committed to: 

  • Ownership and responsibility of staff safety
  • Introducing preventative measures to minimise risks to staff
  • Ensuring relevant staff are appropriately trained
  • Promoting and maintaining public awareness of our Zero Tolerance approach

Our policy for handling enquiries from members of the public considered to be unreasonably persistent, vexatious, aggressive, abusive or anti-social can be found here.

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